Let’s Bring On 2022!

What a year 2021 was for us all. With a start that looked strong and promising, I think we can all confidently say what a rollercoaster last year was! From a manufacturing, supply and install perspective, we personally have seen a year of great improvements and great challenges.

Let’s start from the beginning. Speaking with clients the start of 2021 seen a lot of positive growth from the previous, homes were selling, the horizon was coming in closer and we all thought COVID was behind us. The first 3 months saw positive growth for Timpelle. Our PO’s were up, the team had grown and we implemented our Promote Within system to upskill staff. As a group we noticed the importance of training and growing the future generations. It is one of the key elements to Timpelle’s growth, success and longevity. So at the back end of 2020, we looked at different ways we could help grow the knowledge of our team, which would allow the Timpelle family to be versatile, agile and multi-functional.

Little did we know, this was a crucial element for us to get through some of the tougher times in the year of 2021. In June, NSW’s experienced the beginning of some of it’s most restricted lockdowns since the start of the Pandemic. As case numbers grew, the concerns came alongside it. We had to ensure COVID safe practices were implemented to ensure the safety of our staff whilst also keeping the ball rolling for our clients. The daily routine for most business owners and managers began to shift and cater to the infamous 11am press conference, when we saw “Aunty Gladys” come out giving us the case numbers and updated restrictions. What we also seen however, was the mental effects and barriers individuals came into during this unprecedented time. Anxiety and stress levels were at all time highs. People’s fear of the un-known peaked and it was crucial for us to acknowledge and anticipate this as a company.

Following the lockdown, we learnt within the company that resilience, teamwork and being agile was key to a businesses success during unprecedented times. We saw coming out of lockdown the struggles others were having within their teams, with Mandatory Vaccines to certain sites, getting staff back to work and the fear people had in being within certain environments. What we did as a company was communicate. We found communication was pivotal to moving forward in a different way, with open dialogues and seeing other individuals points of view whilst still abiding by the rules put forward. This was our key to ensuring the confidence remained with our team and clients. It gave them the comfort and confidence to know, we are here together through the good and the bad. This allowed us to work as a unit making it easier to shift and adjust focuses as restrictions continued to change.

Then came the next hurdle, stock delays and inflation. I think everyone in the manufacturing sector can admit, this years stock delays and inflation have been one not many have seen before. We saw the wharfies go on strike during the turn of October, followed shipping container costs jump to a high of nearly $22,000, with then the costs of goods following it. It was funny, business was booming but the call unfortunately most found was, “We can’t supply”. Who would have thought after a 3 month lockdown, the tides would turn so drastically! From what the Government set out to be “the great recession” to a booming and thriving nation! Though, through the midst of the chaos, we were able to stay strong. Through great relationships with our suppliers, we came to a common ground and agreement which allowed us to continually produce and perform for our clients. A key thing in business we have always found is to take care of our suppliers during their challenging times, and in turn, they will take care of you during your more difficult ones. We also looked internally, kept updated with the news and pre-anticipated what suppliers would be affected next. With this approach, it allowed us to stay ahead of the curve and minimise our potential stock issued items and seeing us continue to maintain the reputation of a timely install. Staying with our finger on the pulse allowed us to stand out from the crowd in a positive light and gave our clients one less thing to stress about.

The last 2 quarters of 2021 were some of the most intense months majority of businesses have ever felt. From coming to an almost complete standstill, to pushing through high volumes in a restricted environment, I think it goes without saying, 2021 was a year most are looking to put passed them. However, we beg to differ, as yet again what we learnt as a business, through unprecedented times, taught us incomparable experience and through this, Timpelle as a team came out stronger, wiser and more resilient than ever before. So, we would like to conclude, from the Timpelle Team, may everyone’s 2022 be safe, full of joys and most importantly, a year full of knowledge and growth.

“Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.” – G. Michael Hopf