We Cater to All

Market diversity is important for any business. Ensuring you can offer a range of services, allows your business to grow and expand. Within the residential building market, there are macro markets that all businesses should be aware of. By staying aware of the differences between each sector, Timpelle has been able to expand its own portfolio of clientele.

We have a strong belief in producing what you do best and sticking to it. Timpelle has been one of the industry leaders in the residential builders market when it comes to joinery. Through observing, perfecting and critiquing our processes and operations, we have found the key balance in catering to all the macro markets within the residential sector.

The Investment Builder

The Investment Builder is a client that is after a more affordable product. They look to sell their homes direct to the market mainly through pre-building homes before contract or subdividing parcels of land. Through efficiency within our business, we have been able to create a competitive price within the market place without jeopardising quality. The standards remain high, yet our pricing remains attractive to this particular builder.

The First Home Buyer Builder

Similar to the Investment Builder, the First Home Buyer Builder is after a more affordable product for their clients. Although, the difference is this particular builder allows the client to make personalised selections, catering to their specific needs, tastes and budget. What we offer as a company over the competition is buying power. This allows us to run promotional offers for items like soft close doors and drawers, Polyurethane and Thermolaminate products, limited time offers on handle less kitchens and so forth. Our expansive Design Studio and skilled Interior Designers understand the market trends and the client, allowing them to be guided into making the right choice based on their tastes and needs whilst also remaining within their budget.

The Dream Home Builder

The Dream Home Builder is a client after experience and quality. Now, when I say experience, I’m not writing in the context of time, but I refer to the experience the client will receive. This is a crucial part to this particular builder and usually the foundation for their business. This is why we believe our Designers are one of the most crucial parts of our business, updating our Design Studio every 2 years to stay ahead of trends. When re-designing, we take into account every aspect. The small meticulous details from the flow of each design right from the entrance, to how certain sections of light reflect within the space. These small details is what’s important and crucial for this particular style of clientele.

How Timpelle Caters to these Sectors

Now the question most may ask after reading the above is, “How does Timpelle move and cater to each specific type of builder”. It’s quite simple, we don’t segregate. We keep these principles strong through all our clients, regardless of markets. We still stay competitive in price to the Dream Home Builder through our efficiency and buying power. We still create a tailored experience like no other for the First Home Buyer. And the quality? Well, regardless as to whether it is an investor on a tight budget, or a multi-million dollar property, the Timpelle Quality Standards always remain the same, the reputation stays strong and the commitment to continue to build a greater service to our clients remains number one.